CranioSacral therapy is based on the craniosacral rhythm, which is the movement of the cranial and sacral fluids (area in which the brain and spinal cords function).

These fluids exist within the craniosacral cavity which is affected by the imbalances in the body.
The emphasis is to promote, through light touch and energy work, a balancing of the cranial rhythm to provide overall health.

Dr. John Upledger (D.O.), researched and systematized this therapy based on the osteopathic techniques of Dr. William Sutherland and Dr. DeJarnet.

It is a relaxing and non invasive modality, very effective for those who are sensitive to touch. It can be particularly beneficial for those suffering from Fibromyalgia.

Soul Art by Vanessa

Vanessa has always been inspired by abstract art, colors, texture and traveling the world.

Her “Soul Art,” started back in 2013. Taking her experiences and inspirations from nature and people to the canvas.

As she has a love and passion for doing custom pieces. Her “Soul Art” is original as she connects through intuiting and tuning in to the person or place, emotions, messages and energy that comes through for the individual.

You are welcome to contact Vanessa If you are interested in a piece that is similar to anything you see here or wanting something new.

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