What are The Akashic Records?

When a memory from the past isn’t healed, it remains active today, influencing your current life and mood. These memories can be healed and released by means with a skilled Akashic record reader.

The Akashic records exist for everyone on this planet. It is a library of all that once was and is today. Your story of the people you’ve met and what they added to your life. Within the tapestry of the Akashic there is opportunity for great understanding and healing. Once you access this and learn of the agreements, your purpose, soul lessons, contracts, past lives or misunderstandings held here, transformation is possible.

The Akashic Records contain the entire history of every soul since the dawn of creation.

These records connect each one of us to one another. They contain the stimulus for every archetypal symbol or mythic story which has ever deeply touched patterns of human behavior and experience. They have been the inspiration for dreams and invention. They draw us toward or repel us from one another. They mold and shape levels of consciousness. They are are portion of the Divine Mind. They are the unbiased judge and jury that attempt to guide, educate and transform every individual to become the very best that she or he can be.

Akasha is a Sanskrit word meaning “sky”, “space” or “aether”. The records are collectively understood to be a collection of mystical knowledge that is encoded in the aether. Which is a non-physical place of existence and can only be opened with the permission of the client. No one can enter without consent.

A little on the History Of The Akashic:

The Akashic Records have been here since the beginning of time. The Records were accessed by ancient people of various cultures, including the Indians, Moors, Tibetans, Bonpo and the people of the Himalayas, Egyptians, Persians, Chaldeans, Greeks, Chinese, Hebrews, Christians, Druids and Mayans. Also, in the Bible the Akashic Records are called the Book of Life. The Old Testament mentions a collection of knowledge written on the fabric of reality.

Now more than ever people are being inspired to connect and reconnect with the Akashic Records. It is a time for great change on our planet as we are being shifted in to the 5th dimension of consciousness. As the Mayans say, we are now in the 5th Sun. It can feel exciting and yet we can feel unsure as we are entering a time where so much is unfamiliar.

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Soul Art by Vanessa

Vanessa has always been inspired by abstract art, colors, texture and traveling the world.

Her “Soul Art,” started back in 2013. Taking her experiences and inspirations from nature and people to the canvas.

As she has a love and passion for doing custom pieces. Her “Soul Art” is original as she connects through intuiting and tuning in to the person or place, emotions, messages and energy that comes through for the individual.

You are welcome to contact Vanessa If you are interested in a piece that is similar to anything you see here or wanting something new.

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