About Vanessa

• Reflexology (Certified since 1996)
• Craniosacral Therapy (Certified since 2001)
• Usui Teate Reiki and Karuna Reiki (‘Reiki Master’ since 2004)

Vanessa’s career started in Santa Rosa California, October 1994, while attending her first ‘hundred-hour program’ on Swedish and Deep Tissue massage therapies.

The concept of Well-Being intrigued her right away. Learning about the Body; from how it handles stress and what to do to relieve it or what ‘mind-body connection’ really means, opened a new world to her and her future.

She has an extensive training in many areas of bodywork. Your experience will be a blend of these as she is working on you and assessing your needs in a particular area. The basic techniques you may be familiar with are Swedish (which is light , relaxing strokes) and Deep Tissue ( using firmer pressure to more deeply relax an area). She also also draws from her knowledge of Oriental and Natural Medicine. She may integrate into sessions Trigger Point Therapy or Acupressure, Myofascial Release Technique, Craniosacral, Reiki (energy work) sometimes using crystals and Reflexology. All sessions include Aromatherapy, if you like, and recommendations of things you can do at home for yourself between sessions. Every session is as unique as you are, designed for you and your specific needs at the time. Whether you are looking for relief from stress, headaches, back pain, have trauma from previous injuries, or simply want to relax and be pampered, you will receive just what you need by a compassionate, experienced professional.

Her clients rave about her massages lasting throughout the week. The effects go beyond the time they are on the table.

Vanessa has gained a great deal of experience and professionalism by working at well-reputed spas in the San Diego area – Mission Bay Hilton Resort, Ambience Day Spa at Barona Resort and Casino -and has also been practicing on a selected clientele who, in some cases, have been loyal to her services for over 10 years.

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Where nature meets bliss

Remember to unlock from within you, the stillness and the sanctuary to which you can retreat at any time to be yourself. Since the preservation of health is more important and easier than curing a disease after it has surfaced.

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Soul Art by Vanessa

Vanessa has always been inspired by abstract art, colors, texture and traveling the world.

Her “Soul Art,” started back in 2013. Taking her experiences and inspirations from nature and people to the canvas.

As she has a love and passion for doing custom pieces. Her “Soul Art” is original as she connects through intuiting and tuning in to the person or place, emotions, messages and energy that comes through for the individual.

You are welcome to contact Vanessa If you are interested in a piece that is similar to anything you see here or wanting something new.

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