Deep Tissue

Working deep within the tissue is one way to help the muscle release its tightness.
Yes, it is true that Deep Tissue Therapy might cause slight discomfort [many call it: ‘good pain’] for short periods, but it’s also a fact that it is extremely beneficial for optimal body function.
In fact, to be able to work efficiently on the deepest part of body tissues, this technique is sometimes taught without the use of any massage oil (or lotion).

Deep tissue massage, combining specific techniques to work the joints, muscle and various soft tissues, is used to access the deeper layers of muscle tissue within the body. With its primary goal being to alter structure, eliminate muscle restrictions and increase range of motion, deep tissue massage is known to be a therapeutically orientated technique.
Make no mistake, Deep Tissue is a widely requested and very pleasurable experience. The depth and pressure of the work is kept within the comfort range of the client.

Note: Due to lactic acids and toxins being released during Deep Tissue work, it is important to drink plenty of water after the massage to avoid a sore feeling from not flushing out your system.