“To accompany others in the path of well-being is the greatest motivation.”

Massage is a healing art and when the body speaks my hands listen. Every session is as unique as you are, designed for you and your specific needs. I am honored to be of service and in the company of those who take the courageous steps to self-healing.

We are not one without the other. We are all fragments of one another.

Now is a time for great healing on our planet. We are entering a new Era and so many of us now are well aware of this aspect. We are in a time where more of us are interested in Energy Work, Reiki, Yoga, Meditation, Crystals, and Healing Modalities. We are at a place of learning to empower ourselves. Listening to what it is we really want. For most of us that is love, peace, joy and good health.

With encouragement and gratitude,
Vanessa Mateu ~ Massage Therapist Since 1994